A Good Deed for a Neighbor

There is a house on my street where an old woman lives. She lives there alone, and she does her best to keep up her home, but she can’t do everything. Her home looked like it had seen better days, with the paint chipping, the gutters overflowing with debris, and the brick being stained. One day, some other members of the neighborhood volunteered to help the woman fix up her home. We got some shutters from a supplier, bought some paint from the local home store, and got all of our tools and supplies to help her.

The woman was filled with joy when we told her about our plan. She didn’t know anyone cared so much about her. She didn’t have any living relatives to look after her, nor did she have any close friends in the area. All of the people that she knew lived in other states. Everyone in the neighborhood had at least one thing they could do to help the woman. Even the little kids volunteered to do her yard work. The woman didn’t own a lawn mower, and she used to hire someone to take care of her lawn on a regular basis, but couldn’t afford that anymore.

By the time we were done working on the woman’s house, it looked new again. She was filled with tears when she saw the finished product. She especially liked the shutters that we added to the home. She wondered how she would ever be able to repay us, but we told the woman that she didn’t owe us anything. Still, she insisted that we all should come over to her house for dinner that Sunday, because she wanted to cook a big meal for us. We all agreed to come, and she made a huge banquet.