New Shutters for My House

I never thought I could afford to have really nice plantation orange county shutters. I first saw them when I was a young girl, and I absolutely fell in love with how they looked in my friend’s house. When I got married, I knew that we were on a tight budget, so I just bought some cheap blinds at the local store. I had to replace them pretty often, but they worked for me at the time. When my husband got promoted and we were able to buy our first house, I knew that I was going to look into getting them.

I went online, hoping that I would be able to find a great deal. I looked at Orange County Shutters because a couple of my friends recommended them, and I was able to see why after looking at their website. The actual window treatments were really nice, and the price was something that was much better than I thought it would be. It does help that there was a really great sale going on at the time I looked at it, and that made me call for an appointment. I was able to schedule someone to come out to my house the following week.

Part of the sale I had seen was that if I booked at the time of the estimate, I would receive an additional amount off my total price. I told the person who came out what I was looking for, and she showed me some books that had exactly what I wanted. She measured the windows and figured up the estimate rather quickly, and I knew that I would save even more if I placed my order right then and there. I did not feel pressured at all, which is why I went ahead and ordered. My new shutters look absolutely amazing!