Create a Wheelchair-Friendly Home

Create a Wheelchair-Friendly Home

It’s bad home planners with the past never gave a thought to designing an easily accessible ‘wheelchair friendly’ home. Sure, fitting as many rooms as you possibly can within the least level of sq footage saved for the overall final cost of your house, but tight bathrooms, narrow doorways, and sunken rooms pose an actual problem if the family member is restricted to a wheelchair.

Many homeowners are now facing the dilemma of remodeling they’re existing the place to find accommodate a wheelchair, or search for assisted living facilities or nursing homes for the disabled family member. Depending on the nature from the disability, most of the people fare far better whenever they remain in their house among familiar surroundings, but changes will need to be built to the interior and exterior from the home for easy mobility.

Install Ramps

Install wheelchair ramps wherever possible at outside entrances and walkways. These can be made from wood, concrete, or newer aluminum types, which can be portable. Thresholds need to be kept to a minimum to allow the wheelchair to flip them easily, and will sometimes be manufactured smoother by placing mat or rug over them. Just be sure the rug is large enough and securely held down so that it doesn’t slide. Handrails or grab bars over the ramps and thresholds are other good features, so a wheelchair could be propelled along manually using the torso and helped on the rough spots.

Widen Doorways Wherever Possible

Many older homes were constructed with narrow doorways, especially bathroom entrances. The doors usually are only twenty-four inches wide and need to be a minimum of thirty-two inches as a way to fit most wheelchairs. Door frames may be widened easily enough, but even simply replacing old hinges by having an expandable offset hinge will add two inches of clearance to the doorway.

Invest in the Wheelchair Lift

A wheelchair lift can greatly increase a disabled person’s mobility from the home. Many homes are created on several levels, and that often limits a wheelchair to a particular area. There are many different styles and price options available today, plus a reputable dealer will be able to help you find a solution to your accessibility problem you may have that might be solved with a wheelchair lift. In addition to your basic wall or floor mounted model, some units are portable, even though some could be stowed beneath your vehicle to aid in acquiring it and out of the car.

And never allow the initial investment put you off from – the price of assisted living facilities has risen in the past few years, while the cost of the wheelchair lift has stayed fairly steady in price and is also worth the investment.

While deciding regardless of whether you’ll be able to be in your home to accommodate a wheelchair can be a tough decision, make certain you need to do the investigation and you may find many solutions to help make your property ‘wheelchair friendly.