A Good Deed for a Neighbor

There is a house on my street where an old woman lives. She lives there alone, and she does her best to keep up her home, but she can’t do everything. Her home looked like it had seen better days, with the paint chipping, the gutters overflowing with debris, and the brick being stained. One day, some other members of the neighborhood volunteered to help the woman fix up her home. We got some shutters from a supplier, bought some paint from the local home store, and got all of our tools and supplies to help her.

The woman was filled with joy when we told her about our plan. She didn’t know anyone cared so much about her. She didn’t have any living relatives to look after her, nor did she have any close friends in the area. All of the people that she knew lived in other states. Everyone in the neighborhood had at least one thing they could do to help the woman. Even the little kids volunteered to do her yard work. The woman didn’t own a lawn mower, and she used to hire someone to take care of her lawn on a regular basis, but couldn’t afford that anymore.…

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Create a Wheelchair-Friendly Home

Create a Wheelchair-Friendly Home

It’s bad home planners with the past never gave a thought to designing an easily accessible ‘wheelchair friendly’ home. Sure, fitting as many rooms as you possibly can within the least level of sq footage saved for the overall final cost of your house, but tight bathrooms, narrow doorways, and sunken rooms pose an actual problem if the family member is restricted to a wheelchair.

Many homeowners are now facing the dilemma of remodeling they’re existing the place to find accommodate a wheelchair, or search for assisted living facilities or nursing homes for the disabled family member. Depending on the nature from the disability, most of the people fare far better whenever they remain in their house among familiar surroundings, but changes will need to be built to the interior and exterior from the home for easy mobility.

Install Ramps

Install wheelchair ramps wherever possible at outside entrances and walkways. These can be made from wood, concrete, or newer aluminum types, which can be portable. Thresholds need to be kept to a minimum to allow the wheelchair to flip them easily, and will sometimes be manufactured smoother by placing mat or rug over them. Just be sure the rug is large enough and securely held down so that it doesn’t slide. Handrails or grab bars over the ramps and thresholds are other good features, so a wheelchair could be propelled along manually using the torso and helped on the rough spots.

Widen Doorways Wherever Possible

Many older homes were constructed with narrow doorways, especially bathroom entrances. The doors usually are only twenty-four inches wide and need to be a minimum of thirty-two inches as a way to fit most wheelchairs. Door frames may be widened easily enough, but even simply replacing old hinges by having an expandable offset hinge will …

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Easy Eco-Friendly Home Winterization Tips

With winter quickly gaining upon us, thoughts naturally turn to how you can economize about the heating bills for an additional year.  Not everybody can afford to buy top of the line furnaces and windows. So how can the normal family with little or no money live green this winter and economize simultaneously?  The following are some of the how-to maximum benefits out of your heating when times are tight as well as the prices are small:

Bundle Up Indoors –

There is no need to offer the heater set on seventy degrees or over when you’ll find practical solutions to keep warm.  You have the tools available and you may save quite a lot of money merely by turning the thermostat down to sixty or sixty fives degrees always.  This does not necessarily mean you are cold, put on some warm sweats as well as a sweater in addition to socks and slippers.  Have the kids dress warmly inside also.  When sleeping, the temperature will not be set above sixty.  You are enclosed while in bed plus your body temperatures lower which mean you do not require the additional warmth.

Seal Doors and Windows –

Make sure to check all of the seals around the doors and windows for leaks.  If you will find any, purchase weather stripping at the local DIY store and seal them up.  More financial resources are lost should there be cold air blowing in from the leaky weather stripping.  Use a thick towel or blanket and roll it up to set upfront from an exterior door to ensure that no cold air is blowing in from underneath it.

Let the Sunshine In –

When the sun is intense, open all the curtains where it is shining.  This is probably the most friendly to the …

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Decorating Kids Rooms

When it comes to planning and decorating bedrooms or play areas for children — whatever what their ages are — take inspiration from your memories of your youth. Revisit your childhood to attempt to recapture something with the fun and exuberance of your earliest years. Can you remember when there appeared to be no rules any preconceptions about anything, least of interior design?

least of interior design

Small kids are naturally drawn to bright colors, strong patterns and familiar images, whatever form they take, so make an effort to incorporate each one of these elements into their surroundings to present them a lively and spontaneous flavor

Bear planned that the room scheme should develop using the child and accommodate his or her changing tastes and requirements — the sack of the boisterous toddler serves an extremely different purpose to your teenager’s private and fiercely-guarded hideaway. With a little forethought, however, you’ll be able to plan a place that is certainly both stylish and adaptable than one that the children can develop with happily.

If you might be starting an area from scratch and furnishing a nursery for a newborn baby, it could be tempting to get the full-on coordinated look offered by high-end stores. Changing tables, cribs, and dressers, detailed with matching rugs, curtains and wallpaper may be the ideal solution for that first few years, however, they are expensive soon outgrown and, once the design choices have already been generated for you, they provide little scope for individuality.

It is much better (plus more economical in the long run) for starters a couple of good items of basic furniture, plain walls, and ceiling, as well as a simple floor covering. You can then introduce blocks of color and pattern by means in the soft furnishings, bedding, and accessories. These …

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Decorating the Family Room in a Comfortable and Appealing Style

The living room is how all your family members gather to wind down, view tv, play cards, listen to music, put together a jigsaw puzzle, or just unwind. While you want all the rooms at home to be beautiful and appealing, the family area is where you can approximately do what you please. Below, you’ll find some great ideas to make your family room one that’s both welcoming and original, incorporating the interests of your household members.

Think big

When you are looking at the item of furniture in all your family members’ rooms, think bulky and over-stuffed. Nothing is more relaxing than climbing into a big club chair to cozy up under a throw as the fireplace crackles in the winter months! Whether you select a sofa and love seat using a plaid or striped fabric upholstery or rich leather, select those large, sturdy-looking pieces. Large, overstuffed throw pillows, nubby accent rugs and comfy throw blankets are great and useful accents to add, and they add splashes of color towards the room.

Add family-themed accessories

You must use those things that are meaningful to your loved ones within this room. Display plenty of family photos on the walls, and also feature those crafts your children created in college. Photos taken on a great vacation can seem over a coffee or sofa table; if your family loves to play chess or checkers, leave the set sitting out on the game table. All of these things make your family area look cozy and lived-in.

Choose one central theme to the room

Does your household love watching movies or paying attention to music? Design the area in a way that resembles a theatre or music room. Arrange the sofa plus several club chairs closely across the coffee table in a very way …

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Ideas to Incorporate When Finishing Your Basement

People who may have unfinished basements are similar to artists beginning with a blank canvas. Anything and everything is possible. Whereas cellars were once strictly functional, relegated to tasks like food storage and laundry, modern basements have become integral areas of a family’s living area. This happened to this kind of an extent that some families reside in their basements. This space might be warm and cozy during the cold months and also cool and comfy through the warmest months of the year. By incorporating a few of the excellent finished basement ideas you will find online, you, too, could have a basement you’ll be able to are in.

One of what you might like to build into your basement to help keep it warm and liveable throughout the winter is a fireplace. When you plan one to the original basement design, you can usually find room enough for any large, inviting structure. It might be manufactured from rustic stones or elegant bricks and wood concerning the kind of decor you are using. These lovely fireplaces are usually everyone’s first choice, but they’re expensive and do require space. You might want to consider applying most fireplace that won’t take quite as much room, or do as numerous people do and select less costly, smaller prefabricated units.

A second feature that a lot of people like to incorporate within their finished basements can be a bar. Even if you aren’t into booze, a bar may be a handy thing to own. Equipped with a smaller refrigerator, cooking surface, sink, and eating area, celebrate an excellent asset for entertaining as well as for quick family snacks and meals. One way to get a beautiful bar that is to be a conversation piece is to use one which has become removed from an …

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